The plan for today is to ride from Butte, MT to Kennewick, WA some 460 ish miles and just about 7 hours ride time.

The day started cold, I thought I could get away with my perforated gloves, I was wrong (and grabbed my deerskins), but I held off on full leathers and just closed my vents on my lowers, knowing it was going to get warmer.

Two hours later I arrived in Missoula, then I rode in a circle after fueling up, as I contemplated traversing Lolo Pass and Highway 12, but longing for home I returned to the fastest (by an hour) route, the big roads (I-90 & US 395). 

After a quick glove change (fingerless) I was back on the road. A little while later after conquering Lookout & 4th of July passes, I drove through the Historic town of Wallace, ID. Having never gone through there I thought why not? 

Next up after fuel in Kellogg, ID I crossed into Washington and pulled into Lone Wolf Harley Davidson (Spokane, WA), my final opportunity for seeking out a blue shirt. Viola, they one I liked and in my size, so I grabbed it and pressed on. Apologies for the lack of pics today, I just wanted get home. Four hours down, just under 3 left to go.

Some 90 minutes later I hit Ritzville for my final fuel stop, and then blasted off for home arriving around 5:00 pm. That wraps up this epic trip with 5800 miles logged over 19 days (actually 16 days as we had a 3 day visit at the in-laws), and 98.5 hours seat time completed by me and Mandi added 1550 miles and 28 hours seat time.

I’ll keep adding miles as my next goal of 200,000 miles is just under 8,000 miles away. Thanks for coming along with us on the trip!