Day 0.5 Kennewick – Ontario

Technically we cheated as we ran down from Kennewick , WA to Ontario, OR Wednesday evening (about 3.5 hours), as the temps were in triple digits. As we passed Pendelton, OR it was 107 degrees, for those that don’t ride imagine flying through a giant blow dryer, yeah not much fun but we were counting on elevation to be our friend.

Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway

Day 1 Ontario – Stanley

We left Ontario, OR crossing into Idaho early to beat the heat, and thinking of grabbing breakfast up the road. Our first stop was Idaho City, which we expected to be well some kind of town, much to our surprise, it didn’t resemble any town we’d been to in fact we blew by the place we wanted to stop and had to back track a little.

Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway

Gold Mine Grill & Saloon, for what now became lunch, the beer was cold…
Um, the food well, Mandi ordered a brisket stuffed salad, oddly she was served some kind of deep fried surf and turf? Lil burnt shimp, cod? and tots, that tasted… So like I said the beer was cold, we won’t bother back tracking next trip.

Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway

Anyway that sun was not waiting to get hot, so we slickered up with sunscreen and motored on up the road, and the elevation continued to climb, but it was still warm. After not finding what we anticipated in Idaho City we were not too surprised that the other little “towns” along our route didn’t offer much to grab our eyes.

Stanley, ID although spread out a bit between upper and lower, is heavenly. We stopped at the Mountain Village Resort for a drink, before checking into our room at the Redfish Riverside Inn, and upper floor room with a shared balcony overlooking the Salmon River. Now if this weren’t enough, we had dinner at the Bridge Street Grill and Cabins. Our hostess Brittany the daughter of the owner, who built the place, was delightful and saw that we were well taken care of.

Back to the Redfish Riverside Inn to our room for drinks on the veranda, taking in the view of the ranch and mountains across the river, as well a herd of deer sourcing their dinner, and catching the sunset. The room was fabulous, as it’s log cabin style throughout, right down to the furnishings. If you ever have an opportunity to visit Stanley, ID? TAKE IT!