Sleepy Cat Camp to Trapper’s Lake…

Mon July 24th: 

Sleepy Cat Camp To Sheriff’s Reservoir Campground  75 mi -5 hrs (9800’)

I had mapped our trip, so wanting to try and catch all the cool trails, I had found another way out of Sleepy Cat that was just as challenging as the night before taking us much longer than expected to find the gravel road, but man was it beautiful. Having mapped us to check out Trapper’s Lake then onto Sherriff’s Reservoir. 

The trail in and out of Sleepy Cat Camp had me questioning my fuel status (half tank), so we made the call to run back to Meeker and fill up before proceeding, this would shorten our reach for the day in the end.

We found ourselves traveling on the previously mentioned gravel road up and over passes nearing 12,000 ft, and by the time we got to Trapper’s Lake we called an audible and decided to camp in a Forest Service Campground there. It cost us like $30 for the night but we took advantage of the facilities, and finally made camp at a decent hour around 5 or 6 pm.

Still well up in elevation, we were trying to acclimate, but it made for a rough night of little sleep for a couple of us. Since we called this audible, we decided to make up the mileage tomorrow as we had hotel reservation in Winter Park, CO. 

We set a 10:00 start time figuring a simple gravel road, and some highway time we’d be in Winter Park early enough…

Our Route:

Colorado 3rd Year – 7-24-2023