Day 5 Map

April 20th; After a relaxing night in Page’s Rodeway Inn, and a hot complimentary breakfast, we continued south to the Park entrance. Today would be extra stressful, as we were on the clock. I had put in for a new job, and had a phone interview at 4:00 pm. So needless to say we sort pushed thru to be sure we were back in a room prior to my interview.   So we stopped at most if not all the hot spots, as Mandi had never been to or seen the Grand Canyon.

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I allotted myself 1 beer pre-interview (nerves)… Well truth be told, it sort of lasted the whole interview. My best interview yet, now the stress changes from being somewhere for the interview to did I get the job?


Our accommodations for the evening, do mainly to poor planning on my part were at the Grand Canyon Inn. The place read well, and looked nice…

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Actually, it wasn’t too bad. But they ARE THE TOWN, it’s called Valle, although they are addressed out of Williams, AZ. This is apparently the overflow for the Grand Canyon Village, as later in the evening it packed up fast. Our dinner wasn’t impressive for us, 2-12 oz (looked like 8) Rib Eyes over cooked, we went to the “lounge” and found 6 people watching basketball. So we walked over to the gift shop and then called it a night. Recommendation? Sure as a last resort, and only if you’ve already eaten.

Next up the final Grand Canyon Fun…