Colorado Again? Yep, Our Third Year In A Row!

Let’s Begin…

Colorado is so beautiful we selected it as our out of state trip once again. The original plan was mostly overlanding with a few hotel stops, we’d be out for a total of nine days (so this will be a series), with mellow trails on days 2 & 3, then a hotel night and rest day to fix any odds and ends that might not be right, then a couple of hard days rock krawling near Georgetown & Breckenridge, then a nice hotel in Frisco, Co before we return the Brigham City, UT and then home.

Trails like The Flat Tops, Sleepy Cat, Saxxon Mtn, Spring Creek, Cascade Creek, Red Cone, Radical Hill, and Saints John trails, little did we know we would not see many of these,  as things changed this very day…

Saturday July 22nd: 

Driving (Tri Cities WA to Brigham City, UT) (9hrs, 572 mi) (Hotel)

10 + hours of highway driving, it was hot, so hot neither my self or Jason were able to enjoy our AC in our rigs as the coolant/trans temps were too high, and we needed to crest many  mountains on our way. We left with 5 rigs – Jason’s XJ, Ann’s LJ, my JKUS, along with Mandi & Doug’s JLURs.

My rig was basically getting a thorough test run of a newly installed supercharger, and Jason had just rebuilt his first ever vehicle a 91 Jeep Cherokee. We struggled in the heat and unfortunately Jason might’ve used one more zip tie on his wiring.

Just after Boise, ID about 30 miles before Mountain Home the wires to his crank sensor apparently made contact with some hot metal under the hood and stalled his rig on the highway. 

We were able to pull him off the highway to a side road and begin our inspection. We found the wires fried to a crisp and sent Doug back to Boise after the only crank sensor available, but it wasn’t enough as the short apparently took out his ECU as well.

So Jason called it, and ordered up a tow truck back to Boise in hopes of getting an ECU from a junkyard without any luck in 3 days, so he shipped it to their new home in Rolla, Mo.

As for the rest of us, after a 3+/- hour delay, we pushed on arriving in Brigham City, UT  late in the evening/early in the morning and slept past 08:00, and were rolling by about 10:00. In due course pics will be added to these posts as they get edited. I unfortunately lost all my video footage for the trip, save the trip home that may make the edit. Hopefully Mandi’s film will catch some highlights, but I haven’t had time to review it yet.

Our Route:

Colorado 3rd Year 7-22-2023