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About Us

About Us

Thanks for stopping by our store, we hope you find something interesting. This store is an attempt by an old veteran to create a revenue stream (to purchase additional Jeep parts), and give us something to do in retirement as well as keeping us off the streets. I have spent 40 years serving both my country, and my community, now retired, an avid 4 Wheeler, and motorcycle rider I try to find items to share that mesh with our lifestyle, and hopefully yours.

Some may notice the correlation in items to my chosen hobbies, but we’ll try to cover as many areas as we can, and will only present items we would buy ourselves. While we don’t yet carry US products, we are looking for options to do that.

Again, we hope you’ll support us, and share us with your friends, we only make a small percentage of any sales at these prices, but every little bit helps. If you belong to a club, or are current or former military, drop us a line and ask about our Club & Military Discounts, we’ll send back a coupon code you can use to save 10% on your cart.

Thanks again for checking us out!