Zandi & Casey Pt 3 Jul25


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Zandi & Casey Pt 3

at Country Merchantile.
This was probably Casey’s millionth time back at the salsa and chips sample station! Haha. ‪#‎sohungry‬
Day 23
 at Perkins Restaurant & Bakery.
We eat like champions and Casey says “America”! 🙂 @casey_coyne
Day 25
July 7 via mobile

Day 29, day 26 biking, 850 miles down about 180 miles until Glacier!!  We have had great hosts this week thanks to Lance Greenwood & Mandi L Brandt Brooks and Lila Peterson!!! We have had 4 run ins with the cops this week, had some unexpected sprinkler showers, got another flat, camped near a murder site , been on a great bike trail since Spokane, we made it to Idaho!, found a great camping/firework spot on Stubbs Hill in Coeur d’Alene for the 4th, went to Silverwood-the largest theme park in the Northwest  and hung out with Averee in Sandpoint. Now off to Montana! 
Idaho, you were great and so far one of our favorites!  Montana bound!

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Camping on an island in Montana 🙂 look to the left under the trees…about to set up the tent!! 🙂
 Day 30

We made it to Glacier!!!!! 1,104 down!!!! Woooo!  — at Glacier National Park.
Glacier was gorgeous!! Wish we could have stayed longer! Thank you Jamie Dawson and roommates Kelsey and Christina for letting us stay with them! Off to the other side, East Glacier

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Day 27-39: now a total of 1554 miles done and about 2650 more miles to go. We made it to Montana! Free bear safe camping and a couple that gave us so much food!! We camped on an island  Got stuck camping at a gas station and had a guy “fluff our pillows the next morning” haha. Went to a bar to get some water and food and a couple offered us their extra cabin with a shower and a real bed for the night, we got there and it was a cabin looking over Flathead Lake and better than any hotel and it was free  Glacier was gorgeous! And we saw Jamie  Stayed in a hostel campsite with showers!! We made it out of the Rockies and into the flat Plains. Went to Indian Days and camped in Browning. Had some horrendous head winds into Cut Bank. Had a horrible experience in Havre. Went to 2 fairs  Had an awesome warm shower host, Genevieve with her 3 cousins  Met 3 awesome bikers that are going the same direction as us and we have been sticking together since Malta, MT. Went our first 71 miles in one day! I had Maple Bacon ice cream which was actually quite good  We had a second dinner of desserts and we finished it all  Camped in a crazy thunderstorm and the guys went out for a guys night at the bars and came back with some ridiculous stories. We are now in Wolf Point and headed to Circle today, 55 miles  So far so good! So close to North Dakota!!

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And now we are all caught up and further posts should all come from Zandi herself! As you can see this truly is Livin 4 Today!