Zandi & Casey Pt 2 Jun29


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Zandi & Casey Pt 2

Secret spot & no filter! 🙂 @casey_coyne ‪#‎casey_coyne‬
Day 10
The other side & no filter! 🙂
Day 10a
Day 12, day 10 on the road, 358 miles out and waiting for the hail/rain to pass.

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The bridge from Oregon to Washington and the great view from our campsite! 584 miles down! Yay 🙂
Day 19
Wow so much has happened in the last week. 670 miles down, day 21, day 18 on the road, going to Kennewick, WA tonight (crossing my fingers for a couch surfer to reply). Some of many highlights: We saw the longest lava cave in Oregon, camped in a ghost town, we rode with an antelope that spawned a cow stampede, got some flat tires, met some amazingly nice people, had a free shower at a park, biked in 100 degree heat, saw a goat/alpaca hybrid animal (look at the picture I posted), camped along the Columbia river for the last 3 nights and woke up early today to bike before the heat. About 400 miles away from Glacier National Park!!!

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Also for all of you who have smart phones and would like to watch our progress across the country, you should download the free app called Strava and look up “Zandi Pluta” and you can follow me. Sort of like all of those other app like things for smart phones. And it is a really cool app for those of you that like doing awesome outdoor activities, and you can utilize it too