From the beginning Pt 1 (Chronicalling their trip so far)…
leaving on our bike trip tomorrow morning! wohoo! 
Look at us go! 1st day on the road! 😀 @casey_coyne
Day 1
63 miles and 2 mountains down, only 4437 to go, already exhausted, this is going to be harder than we thought. Haha  stopping to swim at the river! Yay!
Day 2 Day 2a Day 2b Day 2c
160 miles and 6 days out, day 5 riding, now in Redding for the night. So luxurious! We had a shower, in-n-out, laundry, ac and have a real bed to sleep in! Yay!  getting on the 5 tomorrow towards Oregon! Woo! Thank you Kristina Worden!
Day 6 Day 6a Day 6b Day 6c