April 25th; So the plan all along was to cut our Laughlin trip short by a day, as we had reservations at the Stratosphere Las Vegas for two nights. And these would be the most important nights of the whole trip. We got rolling fairly early and thought shirt sleeves would be the order of the day, with temps in the low 70s, but that changed before we got out of Laughlin. For those unaware, you climb out of Laughlin with an elevation of 558 ft above sea level, up to Searchlight, NV with an elevation of 3540 ft above sea level, so we decided in less than 3 miles our jackets were in order (good call), as it got COLD quickly. We stopped for fuel once we reached Hwy 95, temps were probably in the low 50s with overcast skies, by the time we made it to Searchlight the temps were probably the same, but the winds became obnoxious (reminding me why I hate riding in Nevada. nugget-searchlight

In Searchlight we grabbed lunch at the Nugget Casino, as rain looked to be in our path. In fact some riders from NM actually decided against going to Vegas and turned around to go back south, as they hadn’t gear up for bad weather. We had lunch and waited the rain out, about 45 mins later, the sun was trying to poke through and we ran up to Vegas unimpeded. Today would bring with it some added stress, because all along this trip was about our wedding. When we first got to Vegas the week before, we made a quick run over to the Marriage License Bureau and secured our wedding license and other paperwork. So today all we had to do, was get to the Stratosphere, and get ready by 6:30 pm, as our ceremony was to take place on the observation deck at sunset (about 7:00pm).


Well all the planning in the world can’t figure on a crazy rain storm sliding in minutes before, and last 45 minutes or better. But the folks performing our wedding had a plan b, thankfully and we were able to get married inside one of the chapels, and then sneak up to the observation deck for a few photos. This would turn out to be the longest (and best) day of our trip, hence I’m breaking it into 2 posts… Next up the wedding….