So we decided our big motorcycle trip of the year (on the new bike) would encompass the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The plan I ride out to Wisconsin, pick up Mandi and hit the whole UP!

So I left and high balled it making Butte MT (8/19), the first night, Rapid City, SD (8/20) the next, followed by Sioux Falls SD (8/21) the next and arrive in Lodi WI (8/22) on night four, after some 1750 miles I could wait for Mandi to arrive in Madison at midnight and our adventure would begin.

We got to visit with her friends before starting our trip. First stop the Harley Davidson Museum, pretty cool, their roads around there suck – full of pot holes etc, we lost both of our cups and my cup holder fell off denting the tank. Anyhow we made it to Menominee, MI.