Trying out the new gear Jul08


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Trying out the new gear

Well, I spent the morning washing Julia thinking we might get a chance to take some pictures and then took my Sweetie on a 50 mile Harley ride. After lunch we joined some friends for a run out to Hover OHV to see how the new shoes (tires) flex and stuff up into the wheelwells. Of course this time of year the area is like powdered sand and my wash job wash soon reversed. Now, since we were there, I had to try the most intimidating hill there “Butt Crack,” (a 1/8th mile straight up between two other humps, hence the name) I’ve climbed it a couple times before but not with 37 inch tires or in the extremely soft and loose dirt. So our friends cruised up top to video the run. I honestly wasn’t sure we could pull this behemoth hill but we stuck it out and pulled it all the way to the top in true pigpen fashion (choking on dirt & dust). Once we cleared that we continued up until our “Overlander” buddy Mike decimated his front axle more about that in our next post…