Tired of the Censors?

Many of our media platforms specifically FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, GOOGLE, & TWITTER are now deciding what we can or can’t see on their platforms. This means you and I are not capable of making our own decisions, or worse won’t conclude the same as they desire based on the information.

That is CENSORSHIP, and flies in the face of freedom of speech our 1st Amendment right! With this in mind you can no longer (if ever) claim to get any true information from these sites.

Like many of my fellow Americans, I attempted to share a VIRAL video that contradicts the MSM’s (main stream media) narrative that we’re all going to die from Corona Virus. But they REMOVED the video, to maintain the grip around America’s neck.

I pray that others out there know that many of the powers to be are flat out lying to the American people, to keep us in line with their agenda, that being get rid of our current president, and follow the populace into the furnaces.

Here is what many of us attempted to share;


Watch it for yourself and draw your own conclusions…