The Jeeps grow up a little… Jan21


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The Jeeps grow up a little…

Our jeeps before the lifts We spent last weekend installing lift kits in my Jeeps. We started on the JK (Black 2007), and met the 4-5 hour install time plus 3 hrs for a total of 8 hours. The hope was to get it done in the “suggested” time and get a head start on the TJ (White 2001). However, at midnight we decided to get a fresh start in the morning on the second rig. So a few hours later I’m chasing a few extra tools and we get started about 11 am. and after 6 hrs had the lift installed. Now we had to test drive them, tighten up steering etc. JK After 3.5 Inch Lift kit The JK steering seemed to straighten right up, but it clearly is the most sensitive, as I apparently didn’t get it perfect as my Electronic Stability Protection (ESP) was a little buggy, but we’re getting closer each time I adjust. After I get my programmer I’ll be able to dial it right in along with a lot of other things.

The TJ steering was relatively easy to set-up, even the Toe-in adjustments were painless. However we did run into a vibration problem on the rear drive line. Tj after a 4 Inch Lift Unfortunately, the previous owner had a small lift in the rig to compensate for sagging springs, it appears to be a home-made 2 inch lift that they welded in a 1 inch spacer into the rear upper spring seats. We believe the vibration to be directly related to these spacers, and have plans to disassemble the rear and cut the spacers and seats out and reposition the base seats to allow the lifted springs to function more correctly. All in all the lifts came out per design, now we just need to get a little more rubber in those voids! But like all wants, we’ll get them when we can…