Having spent only 9 days in the area, likened to a war zone we were both physically and mentally exhausted, making our time seem more like a month. We had accomplished many of the goals we set out, and things seemed to be coming back together for the area. Power and water were being restored to many parts of the area. Roadways (secondary roads) were being cleared of debris, and regular supplies were starting to reach the area. As exhausting as the work had been we would have done more, but it was time for us to head north back the WA.

Tuesday Sep 26th, 2017 –

Mandi got an early morning flight out of Corpus Christi and I wrapped up our motorhome camp and got all of our tools and the Jeep loaded on the trailer and headed out just before lunch. My goal for the day would be Abilene TX. Texas is a funny state as it generally takes days to get in or out of the state. I drove 423 miles in the rain up I-37, I-10, & US 83, north and west through San Antonio, Junction, and Ballinger, before arriving late in the evening and fueled up before finding a place to park and get some rest, to do it all over again in the morning.

Wednesday Sep 27th, 2017 – 

Left Abilene heading west, the goal for this day would be Albuquerque, NM. Put together breakfast and coffee and was rolling before 9 and drove I-20, to US 84 west and north knocking back 485 miles for the day. Note western Texas evidently get large amounts of rain, and it rained all day again. I rolled through Lubbock TX, and stopped for fuel and lunch in Littlefield TX, and I swear their driveways are 3 feet deep, drug the H&LL out of the trailer, then made a stop in Clovis NM for a Harley shirt (ah another Safety Green one), before having to repair my running lights and continuing through Santa Rosa and on to Albuquerque. Arriving in time (7:30 pm)to set up and watch a great electrical storm to the north.

Texas Relief Trip - Epilogue

Fierce Albuquerque Storm

Thursday Sep 28th, 2017 –

Now here’s where the plans changed, I had too much time before bed last night and after talking to Mandi this morning decided to head west to visit my Uncle and Aunt (Steve & Chrissy Greenwood) in Golden Shores AZ. So I pointed west for the day towards Kingman AZ. Along the way I looked up some old military friends in Gallup, that added 3 hours to my drive time. Heading west on I-40 I stopped in Gallup NM and grabbed a couple of beers and lunch with Fred & Jeannie Carabajal, he was the CMSgt in charge of the 7002 CES squadron and a great mentor while I was in Germany, we’ve stayed in touch with each other since our time there (May 87-May 91). It was a great visit, before jumping back on I-40 and going until I pulled into a truck stop outside Flagstaff AZ for a bite, fuel, and a couple 5 hr Powers… Got back on the road and pushed beyond Kingman and into Golden Shores for my visit with family arriving just before 10 pm.


Saturday Sep 30th, 2017 –

After a couple nice evenings, i decided to get headed north again and had planned to go through Vegas, Salt Lake, Etc but found I once again had no dash AC. After playing with one of those AC rechargers, with no luck I knew my high limit switch had once again been killed. So I decided to head for 395, driving across the desert is pretty tiring, so I was done by Barstow. Lucky for me I found a Del Taco after 200 some miles, Yay!

Sunday Oct 1st, 2017 –

I slept in and started late just after 9 am. Initially my plan to stay cool(er) was working, it was overcast with bouts of rain, and better once I got up into the Sierra Nevadas. Unfortunately, my heavy Jeep & trailer was taking everything the motorhome had to give and Mono Pass was a bear to get over. But I made it pushing through til the wee hours to Alturas, CA, pulling off nearly 600 miles in 17 hrs. Why push so hard? I had actually become tired of being on the road and wanted to be back in my home and my bed and of course I missed my wife!

Monday Oct 2nd, 2017 –

After just 4 or 5 hours sleep I was at it again determined to make it home today or bust. Luckily I pulled it off getting home to Kennewick around 5 pm. The views were awesome with some early snow over the Oregon passes, my Facebook page has some interesting commentary for the trip, that may be of interest to some. I’m happy to be back in the Pacific Northwest, with my wife, dog, home and bed.

Epilogue –

This trip was an incredible journey that could not have been accomplished without the support of so many of our friends who generously donated monies to allow us to be successful. The trip cost well over $7000 to complete and without the $4800+/- raised through GoFundMe, we might not have made it. Would wee do it again? In a heartbeat, helping others is what I’ve done my whole life, and although my job (Fire/EMS) is gratifying, helping folks in such a tangible way is even more so. Thanks to all for your support and to those that traveled vicariously along with us.


Livin4Today is about living in the moment and making the most out of what we have, because the truth is nobody is promised tomorrow. We use this website to share our adventures with you that look us up, others you share our posts with, and its free. As long as I live, I hope to bring smiles to people’s faces. Heck if everybody matched me, we’d have a lot of happiness, and better karma.

See ya next time!