aka Makayla’s Birthday Run

Spring wheeling in the Ahtanum for Makayla’s annual Birthday Run, as you can guess has become an annual event catching the assumed last of the snow and marking the changes towards summer. However this year that snow lingered almost into June in many spots, no problems for the prepared crew we had along for this trip.  Friday night we all arrived and set up camp in our cozy rigs with temps down into the 30s overnight.

May 6th, 2017

We started the next day with 13 rigs and ended with 12. Lots of laughter and loads of soft snow. Here’s some pics and videos to share our run.


May 7th, 2017

As many of those we ran with yesterday only came up for the day, we had fewer rigs for our Sunday fun run, and decided to try another angle to try and top Darland Mt. Our hopes were up although the spring snow did not allow us to get there yesterday from the back we made a frontal assault on the mountain and it gave it right back stopping us half way up past Eagles Nest. When the snow buckled under Blue Fiddy, we spent a while getting him out. So we grabbed some more photos of our lack of success, we did get to use a lot of the tools we’ve equipped our rigs with, that we didn’t need so much of only a few weeks before in Moab….

We played in the soft white stuff for a few hours before taking a nice lunch and heading back to camp to load our rigs, break camp and head home. As usual nobody ever says we had a bad weekend in the mountains. All were thrilled and we happily took our caravan home, another awesome weekend!



Some live action from our time in the snow…