Monday 9/14/2020

My turn in the hot seat (Leading), I chose Wayne’s World as the trail for the day as it held a 4 Rating, a step up from the previous day. We left the RV park and drove into the park ($20/day), hit the staging area and aired down the proceeded to the trail. It should have been easy to find but I didn’t lock my map so it rotated everywhere while I drove and the fencing was a bit odd too. We found the beginning with a little help from Irish and set out. 

Not very much later we came to our first obstacle that denied us all (each of us tried valiantly), it was only like a 4 or 5 ft step. The sand below offering no traction, and had been well dug out. So we went around to find a second, but we were ready for it and veered to the left around the abrupt edge and cleared it.

Again chasing trail with a moving map was not the best plan, but we hunted our way to the top, and had lunch in the shade again, and worked our way down the other side towards the bottom we crossed over/along side of Double Sammy (Rated 6), I really wanted to conquer “The Chute,” but today was just a gradual bump up, so again we decided to run the dunes back and air up before the heat took it’s toll. Some where I lost the same airline again. So I shortened the line and got 3 tires aired before it blew AGAIN! I had to get the last tire with Mike’s air. Topping off the day, my camera’s died early due to heat exhaustion, so unfortunately only a short video for the day (at least from my camera).

Now I’ve had enough, after airing up Mandi & I drove into St. George to Dixie 4×4 to get some this airline to hopefully avoid any additional air line issues. While there I got an official ARB 6 mm airline kit for myself and one for Irish praying this would be the end of my airline issues. On the way home I decided to double down and grabbed a 2500 degree heat sheath from Orielly’s to help protect the airline.

On our way back to camp we detoured back to the lake to cool off, as the others had gone back down while we were in town. Back at camp I changed the airline and fittings to push types to enable faster swaps if it happened again. Thankfully this combo seemed to cure the air line issues.

That evening we talked about hitting Bryce Canyon N.P. for Tuesday, and Zion N. P. for Thursday, only to find that Bryce was a no go due to distance 2 hours away, and no bus tickets were available, and we were only able to get bus tickets for Wednesday for Zion.

Tuesday 9/15/2020

We slept in a bit, and decided to drive into St. George for a look at Pioneer Park, with it’s Cacti, Agave, Hesperaloe, and scummy ponds and waterway. Then we grabbed some lunch and drinks, and decided to hit the Lake again on the way home. This time we’d try beach parking. We found we could drive on the beach at the distant (eastern) end of the trail entrance (tunnel). We set up a little spot near a picnic table, and then moved up near the shore. After some wading in the water we headed back to camp for dinner and such.