Sunday 9/13/2020

Irish led us out of town and found a northern entrance to the trails just outside Hurricane Airport. Even with the maps we had downloaded into Gaia GPS it was tough to follow the trail (Sand Hollow for Wimps Rated a 3). The area is mixed in ownership and a sort of free rein wheeling area with Sand Mountain (a giant sand dune) in the middle. 

We found a fun little trail called Razzle Dazzle (rated 4) that intersected  and crested an overlook butte after climbing a fairly steep incline and stopped to take pictures. I had used my lockers and inadvertently left my air system pressurized. While we jumped out to take in the view and grab some pictures, we heard another Pssst come from the direction of my Jeep. Damnit, another air line? Nope the exact same one, and it just happened to be one that didn’t have push fittings. So I replaced it again on the trail, knowing I might need lockers, and air later in the day.

We found a shady spot for lunch as the ambient temp was approaching triple digits, and after decided to run through the sand dunes, and back towards the lake (State Park).

Arriving at a staging area we aired up, and headed back to camp. The drive from the park to camp was about 30 mins give or take, and upon return we all set about cooling off inside before going over our rigs for the next day and gathering to review our days adventures. I decided to replace my airline with some Irish had, thinking that would help it last longer.

Stay tuned for the next installment…