Friday 9/18/2020

Irish was leading and had a plan to kill Double Sammy and “The Chute.” We made really good time getting to the trail, as we again entered from the north, and found a short-cut into the eastern side of the trail system. Then we climbed and crawled over all kinds of rock lines, by lunch we had found the base of the infamous Chute. It really looked bigger on YouTube. We ate lunch and took in this seemingly straight up crawl. 

After lunch, I walked/crawled to the top and had a look around, I think we had circled this thing at least once or twice on previous days. So the time had come we packed our lunch boxes back in the Jeeps and tackled the monster. All the build-up excitement and tension was over in like 30 seconds. Oh well we conquered it, even as broke as I was it was worth it…

Afterwards we traversed the Sand Mountain to Top of the World, before finding our way out the western side of the park, avoiding the tunnel and park gate by exiting under the new overpass for the bypass being built connecting Hwy 7 (aka Southern Parkway/Sand Hollow Rd) to Hurricane.

Double Sammy Part 1
Double Sammy Part 2