Having had our Jeep JK Unlimited Saharicon for two plus years now, I’ve followed many blogs, forums and the like on Jeeping. The Rubicon Trail is the iconic trail of trails for Jeepers, much like Sturgis, SD is to bikers (been there done that 6 or 7 times). So of course The Rubicon Trail was a bucket list item for us.

Luckily our Jeep Club (The Peak Putters) put together a run to the Rubicon this past weekend (June 26-30, 2014). It was to be a fast trip covering 4 days, but we stretched it out to 6 adding about 1/2 a day on both ends for travel.

Now the trail starts in an area of California known as Pollock Pines, which is about 760 miles away. I had been prepping our JKU for this trip and ultimately finished my last mod (Inner door skins for my half doors at 7 pm on the evening we were supposed to leave at 5 pm. Not great planning, as many of our fellow club members left earlier than that, seeking a room in Bend OR.

We ended up pulling out of the Tri-Cities (WA) at 9 pm, and feeling behind the eight ball so to speak, I chose to drive straight through, it took us 18 hours to get to Ice House Resort where we camped in our motorhome, and met up with the 6 other rigs traveling with us. Five were club member and one a guest we had invited to come along (another JKU).

The weekend trip was EPIC! We enjoyed some of the most challenging wheeling we’ve ever experienced. and luckily, with some smart driving came through unscathed mechanically. Nerves, well that was another issue, however a few Rocky tops at the end of the day helped to keep the nerves to a dull roar. Here is a gallery of pics we took (Mandi got a new camera), videos have as yet, not been edited, but we’ll get them done and tag them as soon as possible.


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