Every year the club (RattleSnake 4x4s) chooses a destination run, this particular year it was California’s historic Rubicon Trail. With all the news of closing down trails across this nation we wanted to be sure and get this trail done as a club before any legislation or fires made it impossible.

The group took 2 days to travel down, I lost a couple of trailer tires along the way, causing a late arrival to Ice House Campground. Then we found out due to a miscommunication our group site had been given to another Washington group.

Speaking of tires, some may recall my having some tire issues with the Jeep, that’s been remedied with a new set of five 40″ Milestar Patagonia MTs, that performed flawlessly.

In the end we made it all work and got to enjoy this magnificent trail (all 22 miles of it) with minimal problems – not to say we didn’t have any but enjoy the photos from Day 1 on the trail (in no particular order).