Day 6 Map

April 21st; Excited to get rolling today, Mandi says she’d like to swing by Flagstaff and hit the Harley Store. A little back story here, I have a rule on Harley Apparel. If you didn’t ride there you don’t get the shirt, mainly because I have WAY TOO MANY! Now instead of blasting down Hwy 64 to Williams, I forgot to look before we left where this Harley dealer was located. So we took Hwy 180 to Flagstaff (the scenic route), which was nice but chilly and seemed to have an inordinate amount of Arizona Troopers on it. Come to find out there was a convertible rally going on that day. Anyway we get to Flagstaff and I pull over to check the stores location to find we could have blasted straight down 64 and jogged 7 miles east on I-40 to Belmont. Instead, we motored on to Belmont Harley, and after a quick shopping spree we continued into Williams for lunch, where we found a neat little old western section and grabbed lunch in the saloon.

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The beer was cold and Mandi’s glass was apparently even colder as demonstrated by the frozen head on a Michelobe Ultra. I’m not sure but maybe somebody can do the math as to whether the initial 96 calories were reduced by this chemical reaction? Seems like it should have anyway. Next we’re blazing a trail westbound across I-40 to visit my Aunt & Uncle Krissy & Steve and there crew of friends who we rode with the previous September through the Sierras. We blew pass Kingman Harley, as it was getting on into the afternoon and we only had today and tomorrow allotted to spend with them in Topock Az. We arrived in Topock around 4:00 pm, and were invited to dinner and drinks at one of their friends’ house, and finished the night on their patio hacienda…

April 22; Our last day and night visiting family before moving into Laughlin for the Annual River run. The previous night we had been bragging about out Sundowner seat we put on the bike last September, and as it happens Uncle Steve had recently bought a 2015 Street Glide. He had mentioned that Krissy didn’t like the seat, so we coaxed their gang into riding out to Kingman Harley the next day by way of the infamous little town of Oatman, AZ. We had to make the customary stop in what I call the million dollar bar for a beverage or two, where Michelle our bartender kept us from dying of thirst…

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Mandi found a local to pose with her and I, yeah I’ve already heard “Who’s the Jack Asses Mandi’s posing with” in many variations… But we make her look fabulous, right? After our brief visit, we continued on to Kingman and grabbed lunch at Andy Devine’s Dinner (still on Route 66), then we ran up to Mother Road (Kingman) Harley Davidson where my Uncle Steve bought Krissy a new Sundowner seat for their Street Glide (Happy Wife = Happy Life).



Next we hit I-40 westbound again to run back to Topock, for drinks at the newly rebuilt Topock 66 Bar & Grill (It had burnt to the ground a year or two back), before heading back to Greenwood Country for dinner ala Krissy.

topock-66-front topock-66-pool-2 topock-66-pool topock-66 topock-bikes


Special thanks to Steve & Krissy for hosting us and letting us catch up on our laundry, and the rest of the gang for the friendly fun we always enjoy when we get to hang out with all of them. Tomorrow it’s River Run, in Laughlin, NV!