Rimrock Run with the Peak Putters Aug06


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Rimrock Run with the Peak Putters

SqeezedOn Friday we left for Rimrock Lake, WA to partake in our Club’s (Peak Putters) annual campout, with this being the area chosen. Having been the primary driver of the largest rig on the this trip, we had a blast, and although we were fairly warned, we chose to keep our fenders on, however, we did 86 the mirrors shortly after launching… This was an EPIC adventure for both Mandi & I, not having any knowledge of what laid ahead for challenges or terrain, we took our place on day 1 close to the middle with a few weathered crew behind us just in case. Only 1 cable was pulled the entire trip… I really don’t know what trail we were on but at the bottom of our decent was a pinch point that had a friend stacking rocks to clear his Jeep p/u B pillar, once we got him clear I nosed up and decided that there just wasn’t room enough for a JK Unlimited (although a new 2 dr would slide through no problem) and started looking for alternatives. Unfortunately for me the only way to get thru was to high side the pinching trees, but it was littered with some large deadfall and the slope was not working with me. So while a few of us went back and forth with possibilities, another guy snuck his cable out wraps one of the deadfalls and drags it out of my way, then it was a matter of driving on/over the larger logs and one small tree and we had success, all in all it was a 15-20 min snag. After that we continued on up I believe to Humphries Butte with awesome views, then Mandi & I decided to take cuts and followed the leaders to the bottom while some of the others were still telling their stories to anyone who would listen. We took a few still pictures too that we will share as well…

We got a hours of video from 3 different cameras that we hope to compile in the future into a nice little clip representing our ride. In the mean-time we’ll share our playlist of raw videos that we sent to Youtube…