The “MandiWagon” DOESN’T Go to RIMROCK Aug 8,9,10 2014

This run got off to a rough start….

JK Lance and Bryan worked tirelessly to get my XJ ready, but it just wasn’t to be….

And at 8 PM Friday, the time we thought we would be pulling into camp; we made the decision to go with only the JK…..

As we pulled on to the freeway, we caught TJ Dave and his friends Gerald and Kelly also making their way out of town. Moments later Scott pulled right in with our caravan….we would not be the only ones arriving at midnight!

So Roll Call on Saturday morning: David, Andrew (and his adorable Daughter Madison), Roy, Doug and family, Scott, Mike (Irish), Klinger and his friend Mike from the Dessert Rats, TJ Dave, Barb, Gerald and Kelly, Allen and Stacey, Lance, Mandi and Jeep Dog Syler

We embarked on our first adventure, finding the trail “Pickle Prairie.” TJ Dave, Barb and their friends Gerald and Kelly were not quite ready to leave at departure time, we told them where we were heading and agreed to meet up later….. And so began the theme of the day……

TJ Dave where are you? Does anyone really know how to read this map????? Pickle Prairie for those who have never jeeped this trail, is actually a good little run. The difficulty level is moderate, so it provides some off camber moments, obstacles, and a few good hill climbs, but remains family friendly. Cable was only pulled once, to assist Radical Scott with a hill climb.

Where is TJ Dave???? We can hear him….. Which direction should I turn this Map???? We took a trail that we thought would connect us to TJ Dave’s location (David and/or Lance can fill you in the actual trail numbers) and David found himself nose first into a mud pit that was surely not passible. Going back was not an option, but clever minds prevailed and a go around was devised…..

We were all on our way…..

Where is TJ Dave???????

We headed back to camp and our day trippers departed leaving the rest of us to enjoy some dinner and good conversation around our fake fire….

Sunday Morning- We headed out with David in the lead to start our day on “Crying Frank Hill” but shortly after leaving camp, TJ Dave began experiencing transmission problems. Unfortunately he and Barb had to turn back.

Roll call for Sunday’s run: David, Andrew and Madison, Irish, Gerald and Kelly, Lance, Mandi and Jeep Dog Syler The adrenaline rush of Crying Frank Hill got everyone energized and we spent the rest of the day on very technical and challenging trials…..

Well I guess there were those times when we stopped to read the map, got lost and all wished Ed was there to show us the way! We also logged trail maintenance hours clearing trees from the trail, the chain saws were bought out several times…

And Lance carved PP 14 in one tree to mark our contribution. David and Lance again, please add the details here….

I know the second trail we took was the same one Ed led us on last year…..

We made it to a look out, with gorgeous views…and finished the day on “Short and Dirty.” Everyone has a tale to tell on this trail….Lance had “graciously” ( that’s generous ) shared the JK with me most of the day, but by the time we reached “Short and Dirty” he was once again in the driver seat…..

And I will let him tell it from there….

It was a long but fabulous wheeling day. I am sad that TJ Dave missed it, but thanks for waiting back at camp to be sure we all made it out ok!

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