On our way home, as we were rolling up Hwy 97, we decided to hit up a newer trail that we had heard about called Rim Butte, near La Pine OR.

Now this trail system is being created with the cooperation of local 4×4 clubs and the USFS, and has some extreme challenges along with easier trails. The most interesting thing for me was the fact that most of the trails obstacles are volcanic rocks.

Having had tire issues prior I was both anxious and interested to see how my new Patagonias would fare. Additionally once on the trail, we found a new unknown obstacle, that being the ground shifting underneath your rig. It seemed for a few of us that no matter how we set-up our line we would get kicked off it.

All and all it was a great adventure and excellent way to finish our trip. We also checked out some nearby Ice Caves, pretty cool if ya get my drift.

Hopefully our pictures will inspire you to check Rim Butte out too.