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New Dog?

So I’m in a CAST and Mandi and I get to talking somehow about how Syler our 11 year German Sheppard/Collie mix is slowing down and seems to be having some health problems. So what if we got a younger dog to help him stay youthful as long as possible. She offers I’m gonna be around the house for awhile anyway, so another dog shouldn’t be too much trouble?

So off we go to the shelter to see if there are any pups to be rescued, I sort of got on board knowing they had some mid sized Aussie mixes, so we end up with an addition to the family, meet Khaleesi (yes, we’re Game of Thrones fans). Our 15 month old Aussie/White Lab mix she’s a handful and adopted us straight away. And now there are two Greenwood dogs…

Syler bringing the rope to play
Such a character…