So here I am nearly 50 (July 3rd – Big pool party here, make your reservations!), and I’m in great health but I’ve had my challenges over the years. 33 plus years of firefighting has definitely challenged me in the health department. So far I’ve tallied surgeries on both shoulders and one knee. Someday in the near future I’ll have some work done on my left elbow, so my hand stops going numb. Oh and let’s not forget the 3 heart attacks, one of which I am still recovering from. My perspective, I believe in the 3 strikes rule, well they had their 3 strikes and I’m still here, so the Big Guy must have more for me to do, and based on the 3 strikes rule, heart attacks ain’t gonna be the cause of my death! Maybe a bus, speeding bullet or lightning… 719 My rehab is going well thanks, but the process is lengthy, I may not get back to work until mid March. I was asked yesterday by one of my Rehab Nurses how I felt about my life, did I worry or stress over my health, did I think of suicidal thoughts, etc… Well, I don’t. There is nothing on this planet that would cause me to look at suicide. (*Warning this may offend some*) Suicide is a selfish, and inconsiderate act performed by those not strong enough to bear their immediate circumstances. The thing about suicides is the folks that commit to it really have no idea how many people they affect, thinking only of themselves. Basically, suicides piss me off! Recommendations? Sure, suicide is NOT an Option! Eat your veggies (not to be confused with Veggie Tales), and consider a high protein, ultra low carb diet, scratch that word, amend to say lifestyle and perhaps you’ll avoid the challenges presented by heart issues. It’s never too late to change you eating habits. And of course let’s not forget about the importance of exercise, Cardio 3x per week for at least 20 minutes is good for the heart, bump that up to 45 and watch your belly shrink. And it wouldn’t hurt anybody to add in some individual weight training to keep the rest of your muscles toned. Besides who wants stuff flappin’ in the wind, tighten it up!