After the incredible weekend I had with Dirt Lifestyle – Nate and The Story Till Now -Shaun, and a whole cast of others (some you might have seen in those videos), A few of the guys, from the previous trip invited me to a new FB Group called Eastern Washington Jeeps.

So I did join, and was immediatedly asked to join then for a second assault on that hill we hadn’t conqured near Kittitas, WA. Who am I to turn that down? Se we gathered 4 rigs from the Tri-Cities, I think 6 from the Spokane Area, and a few from the Ellensburg area. In all we ended up with 9 Jeeps, 1 New Bronco, and 3 Toyotas (2 -4 Runners, and 1 (knarly) Truck/Crawler), so you can imagine the trash talking was roaring out of the gate.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here, that’s a big group to form from a new group, and unfortunately, it didn’t allow us to conquer the mountain as hoped. Yes, I had my dashcam rolling, even played like a YouTuber and did some handheld stuff, that probably won’t make the final cut, but it’s practice right? Anyway, I’ll let the videos do most of the story telling, and while some rigs definitely did better than others, all rolled in and out under their own power, and there’s a rumor I might’ve messed up my brand spankin’ new tow rope Mandi bought me special, along with a Jeep getting yanked out by a Toyota? And that’s just part one, there was too many hours of footage to carve into a one and done, so I’ll drop the first Video below, keep checking back for another installment.



Eastern WA Jeeps Run – Kittitas – A Beat Down (Pt 1)

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Eastern WA Jeeps Run – Kittitas – A Late Lunch (Pt 2)

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Eastern WA Jeeps Run – Kittitas – A Dark Descent (Pt 3)

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