4/13/2017 Day 8 Arches National Park and the Vendor Show.

Moab EJS 2017-8


We got up and got a leisurely start to the day rolling through town up to Arches National Park, finding a long line of cars already inching their way in. Much to our surprise entry was free due to construction delays.

We had decided the day before to hit the park early as the crazy wind gust were going to be back in the afternoon. We went in stopping along the way to get some pictures and after the window arches decided to speed things along to get back on our timeline of dropping the girls off in town while the guys checked out the vendor show. This speed up meant, drive thru/drive-by of the rest of the park, grabbing pictures where we could and rolling back out of the park and into town by 1:00 pm.

Went back to camp to freshen up just as the winds arrived, and decided to pile into Steve’s crewcab to drop the girls off before running back past camp to the vendor show. The winds were getting pretty bad so we started inside. First nearly all of us bought some new tie downs, then we found many other things to check out, I also grabbed a gps card to get the trails on my gps, for Moab and since were loosely planning a trip for Colorado next year, I grabbed that card too.

For the past 5 years of Jeep ownership, I’ve wanted to turn off my daylight running lights. Being a Canadian Jeep model they come on automatically, and didn’t play well with my LED headlights, so I grabbed a flash cal programmer that allowed me to do this. After covering the inside, we attempted a hot lap around the outside vendors that became too challenging with the winds gusting to 60 mph. So we ran back to camp and unloaded, and then headed into town to meet the girls for dinner at Zax’s. Over dinner and back at camp we decided that our final day would be on Rusty Nail…