4/15/2017 Going home…

Moab EJS 2017-10

This was my third trip to Moab, once on the bike and now twice with the Jeep and every time it’s time to leave I’m sad. Moab is a beautiful place, every direction you turn there is a different landscape, soil, weather, etc. It’s very picturesque, and generally just a fun place to be so leaving there is difficult to put it mildly.

So I needed to get things wrapped up for the trip home, so I loaded and tied the Jeep down, disconnected the RV, closed the slides and dropped the jacks and we were rolling. The others were ahead of us not far too far with the exception of Andy who had left the night before and Mike & Angie who blazed at o dark thirty.

We gassed up at 9:30 am local and blazed a trail, initially deciding we might make it a two day run, and had nearly caught Steve and Stephanie by Mountain Home ID. But we decided to take a break here for an hour, grab lunch and get some lighting on the trailer fixed in the event we pushed through in the dark.

We had heard Mike had a fan belt issue but was fixed and still a couple hours ahead, and Steve was just 70 miles ahead. Brandon and Carl had stopped near Salt Lake and we had got ahead of them, they were shooting for Mountain Home that night, so after our break we plowed onward toward home as it was only 3 pm local, a bit early to call it a day.

I’m glad I fixed the lights on the trailer, and got some deer whistles in Mountain Home as we decided to push all the way through and arrived at the house about 11:30 pm. Allowing us the whole day Sunday to get things put away. It was a great trip, I can’t wait to retire and do some more like this! By about 2;00 pm Sunday the rest of the group had all made it home too.