Laughlin River Run 2015


April 23rd & 24th (they sort of ran together); Today we leave Greenwood Country (my Uncle’s hacienda in paradise), and move up to the Aquarius Hotel & Casino, Laughlin, NV for the Laughlin River Run. It just happens that my Uncles crew wanted to do a little recon on the vendors, so we rode up as a group. First we rode into Mohave Valley, then cut across to the Nevada side at the Avi Hotel & Casino. Interesting to us there were no vendors at the Avi this year, so after stopping here, we pressed on to Laughlin. Mandi & I jumped out first to get in and check-in at the Aquarius and catch the gang for lunch at Bumble Berry’s restaurant in the Pioneer. We all scouted the vendors and Uncle Steve’s crew headed back to Topock, for an early dinner. I had found an old friend Terry Cable still selling the shocks, I’ve wanted for some 6 years… After listening to his explanation again, I told him we needed to discuss it but that we’d probably be back in the morning. Mandi & I walked basically around the corner and made up our minds to go ahead and upgrade our shocks and improve our ride (since we tend to run long miles it made sense)…

img_4353 img_4354 shocks2 shocks3

Mandi & I were still awaiting our friends’ arrival, and decided we needed to eat also. I couldn’t resist taking her out to a favorite sushi bar in Laughlin, across from the Pioneer, that friends Tom & Celeste Nelson turned us onto a few years back…

img_4356 img_4357

Shortly after dinner our friends arrived, and it was time to party… Okay first we re-walked a lot of the vendors we had checked out earlier, to get them caught up. The party continued until the wee hours with us falling into bed around 4:30 am, with the idea being we’d rise about noon. Little did we know, our other two couples were over anxious to partake in the experience that is the Laughlin River Run, they were up and checking things out at 8:00 am (yeah, their younger than us and nuts)…

img_4359 img_4360 img_4363 img_4364 img_4367 img_4374 img_4375 img_4376 img_4380

As you can see we had a little bit of fun. Laughlin River Run, has always put us in contact with some famous folks, in the bike building/hot rod genres. And in true form we partied with them. This evening found us with Horny Mike from Counts Customs, we all had some fun with him and his crew of ‘handlers.’ Then, in honor of my buddy Steve Waite, I was “making friends” of lesser fame, but just as fun, they seemed to like referring to themselves as an area code, I think 3 numbers that add up to 16. I believe them to be from the San Diego area, with fairly strong accents. Ask me about it sometime, or better yet ask Mandi, she explains it a lot better.

img_4385 img_4394

Clearly, this night blended into the next pretty fast, and having a Big Saturday awaiting us we took it relatively easy, and actually wandered around in a fog Friday, before grabbing some dinner in Bullhead City @ Buffalo Wild Wings, then calling it an early night and crashed about midnight. Unfortunately the girls’ shirts didn’t work. The only shots bought were by each other… Tomorrow – Bells are in the air in Vegas!