This weekend we were invited by none other than our number one parts supplier Northridge 4×4 to Silverdale WA for an open house. They asked us and some others to come show off our rigs,  meet some friends and do a little wheeling in the Tahuya National Forest. How could we say no?

So Friday after work we loaded up our 3 rigs and drove over the Cascades to the town of Buckley for the evening before continuing our way in to Silverdale and then on to Tahuya. The saying “It’s Just Tahuya!” is a joke amongst locals, as it’s a fairly simple off road recreation area, yet it has claimed many of parts over the years, hence the saying. Saturday morning we picked up an additional Jeep, before running out to Northridge’s shop.

The weather was perfect (Typical Seattle Liquid Sunshine/Flood Warnings). After eyeballing all the things we didn’t yet have on or in our rigs we headed to Tahuya for a couple hours playing in the Rain/Mud. Lucky for us we saw some minor mechanical difficulties, but no breakage of anything major. We were able to quickly repair a torn driveshaft boot on one rig and reconnect the Transfer Case shifter on mine. Then we drove back to Silverdale for dinner at Hop Jacks, before driving the 5 hours home to snuggle into our own beds. Great time, awesome people. If your weekends seem to lack this kind of fun buy a Jeep, it will change your life, guaranteed!

Here’s what we caught on film to share…


And here are a few more pics at the Northridge 4×4 shop and Tahuya…

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