Funny Rocks & Moon Rocks? Aug06


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Funny Rocks & Moon Rocks?

On August 4th, 2013, Ms. Mandi & I went looking for Funny Rocks and passed through Moon Rocks on our way out late Sunday afternoon, after spending a relaxing couple of day with friends in Rimrock, WA. Sunday morning we left their cabin and headed over to the Nile Valley and a little town called Cliffdell to the infamous restaurant and store known as Whistlin’ Jacks. The trails we took were not a very direct route… Essentially leaving Whistlin’ Jacks and heading up the hill on 1705, to 1703, to the 568 up over and around the ridgeline to find the 1722, to 1721, then 1702 to the 675, to the 644 and finally the 694/695. The trip took all of 6 hours from Hwy 410 in Cliffdell returning to Hwy 410 via Bald Mountain Road, but we had some fun at Funny Rocks!

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And yes we got some video too, here is the RAW Playlist…