So Mandi & I don’t really watch any regular TV, instead we follow a bunch of YouTube channels, some of which we support through Patreon (because we like their content). One of those people is Nate of Dirt Lifestyle, another that happened to get invited is Shaun of The Story Till Now.

Now being a Patreon member offers us early access to video releases, as well as an opportunity to meet and go wheeling with folks like this. As it happened, Nate put out a message to his Patreon members announcing an upcoming Snow Run on my side of the mountains. I had to go!

So I responded, and was lucky enough to get the nod to go wheeling with an option of camping overnight too. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First we all met up in Kittitas, and this was an area I’ve wanted to check out since I saw Northridge 4×4 do a run a couple of years ago.

Then we were off, and I took up the tailgunner position. From here I’ll let the video do the explaining…



Dirt Lifestyle Patreon Run

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Sooory (as Shaun would say) for the cliff hanger ending. It wasnt the end of my day, as you’ll see in the next part…

Dirt Lifestyle Patreon Run Pt 2

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So the last video got us to camp, but it didn’t feel right leaving us in the woods in the dark, so I cobbled together an ending to this series, that will get us back to pavement!

All good things must come to an end and so it is with the Dirt Lifestyle Patreon run with Nate & Shaun. It was an awesome experience to be part of, and I’m thankful my wife talked me into going! I hope I was successful in capturing the best bits of video that I took (across the three parts), and translating the experience, we all enjoyed.

Thanks for watching!

Dirt Lifestyle Patreon Run (End)

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The Story Till Now Version

Please check out Shaun’s video below, as usual it’s extremely well done!