Day 7 – Alabama Hills to Susanville

Thursday Dec 30th, 2021


Lone Pine – Nightmare Rock (2.3 mi – 5 mins)
Nightmare Rock – Lone Ranger Canyon (1.5 mi – 4 mins)
Lone Ranger Canyon – Mobius Arch TH (1 mi -4 min)
Mobius Arch TH – Eye of Alabama Hills Arch (.7 mi – 2 mins)
Eye of Alabama – Cyclop/Boot Arches (2.2 mi – 7 mins)
Cyclop/Boot Arches – Hogback Rd (.7 mi – 2 mins) U-Turn
Hogback Rd – Mobius Arch TH (3.6 mi – 11 mins)
Mobius Arch TH – Nightmare Rock (2.2 mi – 6 mins)
Nightmare Rock – Lone Pine (2.3 mi – 4 mins)


Alabama Hills – Bridgeport (150 mi – 2.5 hrs)
Bridgeport – Carson City (81 mi – 1.6 hrs) Dinner
Carson City – Susanville (114 mi – 1.9 hr)

Diamond Mountain Casino and Hotel
900 Skyline Road, Susanville, CA 96130

Totals: 345 mi – 6 hrs

Okay we’re getting towards the end and getting road tired, but the rigs are holding up well. First off we thought we would go up into Alabama Hills so Mandi could do her thing with the camera. First I couldn’t fin the Eye of Alabama Hills to save my life, but I do know we walked all of the way around it in a nice fresh 6 inches of snow. After taking what seemed like (andwas ) an hour, we were back in the Jeeps searching out Skull Arch, I could see Boot Arch so I knewwe were close, after some trail riding in the snow, and more walking we found Skull Arch, Hooray!

Cameras were on fire clicking away, then we started running inbto people, time to move, so we followed a trail that seemed to lead into the mountains and dead ended at a campsite. We turned around and grabbed a few shots on our way out, enjoying the snow I wasn’t in any hurry. Heck ewe even stopped and made a commercial for our friends upo north at and then we stopped at Nightmare Rock for a couple more photos before blasting north to find breakfast.

Our original plan assumed we would be in Alabama Hills for maybe 2 hrs, and it was more like 3.5 and breakfast was going to have be lunch instead. Back on a familiar road (Hwy 395) we rolled northward towards our days goal of Susanville. The roads were fairly clear until we got up toward Mono Pass then things got a little d-icy… We ended up passing a number of vehicle putting snow chains on, and finally caught up to a trio of plows and ran a blockade for them to keep trouble off their backs. Now that may seem funny but more than once folks tried to get by and we’d sway a little and they backed off. When we finally crossed the pass the plows pulled off to reapet in the other direction and waved and honked at us for the help. To be honest I secretly wanted to turn with them, that was fun, but we had miles to kill.

We rolled into Susanville about 7:pm and sorted out our room and then went downstairs for some food and a drink before hitting the sack around 9:30 pm.Tomorrow we head for Christmas Valley OR, I’ve never been there and just that had me excited to check out someplace new (old?)…