The plan for the day is to get from Shawano, WI to Barnum, MN just under 320 miles but nearly 6-7 hours travel time (little roads).

First order of the day breakfast, today was different we chose Fannita’s Bakery in downtown ShawnO for a major sweet infusion. After choosing 5 incredibly delictible items, I asked if we could take pictures for the blog, and was given permission. Yeah, that didn’t happen, after the sugar hits your brain all bets were off and as we enjoyed our sugar high we totally forgot about pictures.

Oddly enough we took our drink cups in hoping to get ice but they didn’t have any, so we made another stop.

We pulled into the first gas station and go in, no fountain sodas, worse yet no ice that we could see. I thought this is it then the nice gal pointed to an ice maker (like we have on the counter of our motor home), so we had ice. I felt bad having made such a fuss that we bought 2-20 oz waters.

Mandi had chosen a scenic route along the Wolf River (highly rated MC Route).

We zigged and zagged our way across beautiful Wisconsin for hours, but we were determined to stay on little roads.

Around 2:30 pm we found a place to grab a snack and cold drinks called Captain Nemo’s Pub & Grub. Yeah, so the drinks were cold, the microwaved tater skins were hot, but really not great ,the staff was clearly preoccupied with something more important than us, the locals didn’t engage with us, the best thing to say about the place is that it had an awesome exterior mural for a dive bar, oh and we would not recommend.

Oh and did I mention it’s cold? Yeah, today marked the first day of jacket weather, it was cloudy almost rained, but with highs in the mid 60s to low 70s at speed, that’s jacket weather.

So after we zigged and zagged for 3 more hours and including some death defying riding on 10 miles of crappy seal coat (LOOSE GRAVEL!) and a few traveled road repairs that apparently washed out from flooding. Somehow we missed a turn (or three) and ended up in Duluth we had to travel south some 30 miles to our stay for the night. Remember the old saying it just keeps getting better?

We’ll we’d chosen a lovely lodge on a lake for the evening (Hanging Horn Lakeside Resort) as staying in Duluth was going to cost ridiculous amount of money ($400 ish), and we had found a cool place for dinner (Lazy Moose Grill & Gifts) however, after we got off the freeway and wrapped seemingly around said lake, we found ourselves on a dirt/gravel road for about 2 miles and the sun was already beyond the horizon with darkness setting in. The idea of going back out in the dark and cold wasn’t very appealing. Thankfully the staff told us we could order pizza and beer in, a win/win in my book.

So we ordered pizza (they can’t deliver beer) and went for a walk around the place and Mandi took some awesome pictures of the lake, because it was going to be 90 minutes ( it’s 7:30 pm). I think our pizza arrived around 9:30 pm, and after stuffing ourselves and the fact that internet access although available was so weak I couldn’t post up today’s blog, we literally passed out. So we apologize for the late post.

Tomorrow we head to Grand Portage and Grand Marais…

Below you can see today’s route mapped out…

Day 13 WI To MN