The plan for the day is get from Wintersville, OH to South Bend, IN just 365 miles, and 7.5 hours to go….

Mandie’s mom made us a great breakfast before we left, then it was time to start chewing mileage on the bike. I had forgotten that just before arriving at her folks I had added the filter to avoid highways, this put us traveling on little roads across some beautiful country, very scenic between Wintersville and Beaverdam OH. We first fueled in Mt Vernon, OH after a couple of hours on the back roads.

Next couple hours got us to Beaverdam, OH where we took a break to check weather and change our route back to bigger roads and make some better time as we could see weather coming into play.

By switching to the bigger roads we squashed our time down to just under 3 hours left, and after navigating around Fort Wayne, IN we caught a quick burst of rain and we’re tracking a storm brewing to the NW with a visible rain wall. So we grabbed fuel again in Pierceton, IN so we could push through any storm we might encounter. Lucky we stopped as it allowed us to roll through right after the rain wall we’d seen earlier rolling right next to the tail end of it (but you’ll have to wait for the video to see that).

We finally rolled in to South Bend, IN and onto the Norte Dame campus around 6:30 pm local and checked into Morris Hall a hotel right on campus. After checking in we took a walk to find a place called Legends for grub, but it was unfortunately closed for the semester. So we walked back and grabbed dinner and drinks at Rohr’s inside the Morris Inn. Now we’re off to bed to prepare for tomorrow’s ride to Ludington, MI…

Below you can see today’s route mapped out…

Day 10 OH to IN