Dana 44 on STEROIDS! Jul10


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Dana 44 on STEROIDS!

Okay, for over a year now I have wanted a bigger front axle as we feel the Dana 30 currently residing under the nose of Julia just won’t get us where we want to go (and back). So, I found a 2008 Rubicon Dana 44 housing in Olympia that had been beefed up pretty heavily, even so my buddy Bryan will be adding or enhancing a few of the welds to make sure we’ve done all we can to ensure we have a solid housing. It will resemble this axle that was built to almost the same spec, only ours will be  tad nicer in my humble opinion… 44 roids We’ll be adding some tough innards to hopefully make it bomb proof. Things like an 35 spline ARB Air Locker, 35 spline RCV Axleshafts, 5.38 Ring & Pinion, and double sealed outer axle seals, and instead of a left sided 3 link, ours will be a right sided 3 link…