Colorado Two Years Running!

Finally able to jump from Utah to Colorado.

We were able to catch-up with the gang at Gunnison KOA, and wheel the rest of the trails, most importantly we all got to wheel Chinaman’s Gulch, and due to a weather set back, a few of us got to wheel Holy Cross Sunday after the weather had passed, while Mandi and a few others had to head back on Saturday.

The images below will link to facebook albums…


Colorado Part Deux!
Colorado Part Deux!
Colorado Part Deux!

2022 Colorado Trip So Far

Day 1: Italian Creek/Reno Divide
Day 2: Pearl Pass/Taylor Pass
Colorado Part Deux!

On tap: Chinaman Gulch & Holy Cross

Day 3: Chinaman Gulch
Wow, what a trial!! Steep ledges, large boulders, tight twisting sections through the trees with lots of rocks and minor obstacles to keep you focused the entire time. We attempted this trail on a wet and rainy day which made the rocks extra slippery but kept the dust down. I would recommend this trail to all experienced drivers with modified rigs. Definitely not for the faint of hart or inexperienced. Not sure how this isn’t a jeep badge of honor trail. We definitely had a blast!

VIDEOS of Chinaman’s Gulch

Day 4: Down Day
Around Buena Vista while the torrential rains past.

Day 5: Holy Cross

This trail had to wait an extra day due to weather, and some of our crew had to head home as we extended an extra day to accomplish it, before running home ourselves (plus any other random pics I could steal from peoples FB). We ended up dubbing this the Oreilly’s Parts Tour, as we had many stops and break downs on our trip. We also had a few videos we’ll try and add later. For now you’ll have to settle for this:


Holy Cross Highlights UP Video

Direct Video Link