Day 85 (9/1): Mentor to Geneva-on-the-lake, OH. 30 miles. Crazy night. The town reminded me of Buffalo! Very touristy and by Lake Erie. We met some really nice people and ended up camping on the beach 🙂

85b.jpg 85a.jpg


Day 86 (9/2): Geneva-on-the-lake to North Kingsville, OH. 19 miles. Not the most productive day because of the rain, but at least we made a little progress! We stayed with a very nice host, Todd. He took us to a really cool covered wagon restaurant and we carbo loaded!! Day 87 (9/3): North Kingsville, OH to Erie, PA. 33 miles. Woo we made it to Erie 2 days after Jamie, Jeremy and Sara left 🙁 We went to a Mexican restaurant that had taco Tuesday specials!! Only $1 per taco, we had a field day! 🙂 We ended up staying with Jamie and Jeremy’s friends Annie and Jude! They were super nice!




Day 88 (9/4): Erie, PA to Alden, NY. 110 miles. Trying to catch back up with our friends!! First day of somewhat getting hurt. I was clipped in and got stuck in a rut and slammed my knee onto the sidewalk concrete! Fun 😉 a goose egg later we went to get food in town about 15 miles away and we met even more nice people. A lady, Mar took us with her to her house but we first stopped at a bar she used to work at. Many beers later (that she paid for! So nice!) we went back to her house with her daughter and son. We may end up swinging back by and picking Kyle up to come back with us to California. Thank goodness she took us in, there were some rain showers that night.


Day 89 (9/5): Alden to Avon, NY. 45 miles. We slept in!! 🙂 Finished up our laundry and went back to Darrow’s, the place we ate dinner the night before. So good! Avon had the Barilla and Kraft factories in their town. We found an awesome spot to camp under a bridge near a river. People were walking up and down it all night so it was sort of scary at times and hard to get to sleep.

89d.jpg 89c.jpg 89b.jpg

Day 90 (9/6): Avon to Manchester, NY. 30 miles. We chased banks that didn’t exist. Thanks smart phone google maps gps! :/ Frustrated with the chase, we settled for a bar with the Yankee/Red Sox game. Again it was supposed to rain and it was already getting cold, Jo saved us and insisted we stay with her because it was so cold, so we packed everything up and went to her house.


Day 91 (9/7): Another day off. Jill said we could go to the bar and get some food on her. Wow people are so nice in New York! And she said we could stay with her another night since it was raining all day! 🙂 Her dog Kelly was too cute!! We went to this great bar called Timber Creek Tavern in Ontario County New York. We met some amazing people such as Jill, Tina, Roy and William Williams 🙂 And apparently the slogan of the town is “With dope there is hope and with booze you lose.”


Day 92 (9/8): We ended up sleeping all day so we stayed one more night thanks to Jill 🙂 She is the best ever! She bought the groceries that I got to make lunch!! Wow! And then we stayed one more night because it started to get close to dark by the time we were ready to leave.




Day 93 (9/9): Manchester to Auburn. 37.1 miles. Fully rested, we made our way back onto our bikes. Of course the rain seemed to be following us so we didn’t get very far. We found a great place to set up our tent and we went off to a Chinese Buffet for an early dinner. After we headed to the movie theater to waste some time while it was raining and hoping it would be done once we got out. I saw the Butler movie and Casey saw the Riddick movie. We got out of the movie and the rain had ceased! Yay! We then biked back to our earlier found camp spot and went to bed.




Day 94 (9/10): We woke up to thunder and lightning as well as pouring rain around 4-5am. Of course Casey thought we were going to die, so we booked it out of the tent and to McDonald’s, conveniently about 200 feet away from our tent. We took short naps and then got breakfast. And all this time it was pouring and the thunder and lightning did not let up. Finally around 10am it stopped. And it was 80 degrees with what seemed like 100% humidity. Biking in the weather seemed like we were going 5mph! Wahh! We finally were somewhat getting back to our speed and Casey gets a flat in his “Armadillo tire that never pops and has a year warranty”…we are 5 miles from the closest bike shop back in the town we started out in that morning.

We ended up changing his tire with my extra tire and our last tube, soon to realize it was a tube that had a hole in it and it wasn’t able to be patched because it was too close to the stem. Oops…now what?? Time to hitchhike back into town. About 30 minutes later we got picked up by a nice man 🙂 he took us back into town to the bike shop. They had the same tire Casey blew out and so they were supposed to honor the warranty but they were really rude and of no help at all. We ended up just getting two tubes, one for a back up. And headed off to Applebee’s for their all you can eat soup and salad for $7 each! 🙂 We decided that since it was about 5 once we finished that we would just forget about the day and start over the next day. We camped in the same spot.

Day 95 (9/11): Auburn to Cazenovia, NY. 44 miles. So we started over and went towards what we thought would be Richfield, but soon enough it was about 85 degrees with who knows how much humidity and then the mountainous hills came out of no where! We thought they were the Adirondacks, but they ended up just being really big mountainous hills in the middle of New York. So we got about 30 miles and stopped to fill up our waters and get a pizza, and as we were eating it outside it started raining, what do ya know! So we look at the weather and thunder and lightning are supposed to hit in the next hour and the next town by bike is a little short of 20 miles! Wah!!

We were in the tiniest town called Lafayette and we looked up couch surfers and warm showers there and there was one guy, quite a long shot! So I looked up motel/hotels and the closest one was also 20 miles away…oh no. Last option, call some churches. The closest, about a mile away said no! Even no to camping in their yard, keep in mind it was a Wednesday…and we tried knocking on the door of one down the street but no answer. All of the other churches were too far away with the lightning storm on top of us, too risky. So we went back to the gas station in hopes the storm would pass or someone would ask to help us out.

About an hour later a couch surfer from Cazenovia, about 18 miles away called! She said she would even come get us since we hadn’t had any luck finding a place to stay! Wow so nice! Upstate New York people are amazing! They ended up picking us up about an hour or so later and they were the best! So we were safe from the rain and lightning storm that night, we had a nice warm shower, and they even let us do laundry! We talked the night away. The couple also did their own 650 mile bike trip 5 years back for a cure to find Fredrick’s Ataxia. We also did a taste test between their two homemade vanilla ice creams! Both delicious, but we all decided the vanilla without the custard was the best 🙂 We also were their first couch surfers! Hopefully we were okay! They were great hosts!! 🙂