Day 51: Bismarck to Napoleon 70 miles in head wind rain. Pretty much the worst mentally and physically riding day yet. Thank goodness it ended well with a free place to camp and warm showers. πŸ™‚


Day 52: Napoleon to Gackle 39 miles, easy compared to yesterday with a huge storm that was supposed to hit but never did, instead was nice and sunny. We were able to stay in a hostel like place for cyclists specifically for free!!! With showers, laundry, bathroom and real beds included!! Carbo loaded for lunch and dinner to get ready for the next day in which we planned 128 miles with a tailwind. Waking up at 5:30am to leave by 6am. Wahh so early!!


wpid-IMG_20130730_105711_565.jpg wpid-IMG_20130730_141853_680.jpg wpid-IMG_20130730_142741_645.jpg

Day 53: Gackle to Fargo, ND 132.1 miles. Waking up wasn’t too bad. Sunrise to almost sunset, a full 8 hours of riding. Lots of tailwinds and last 20ish miles in a headwind. We celebrated with some beer and then had a wonderful warm showers host Cassie!

wpid-IMG_20130731_063951_261.jpg wpid-IMG_20130731_091249_966.jpg wpid-IMG952796.jpg wpid-IMG_2834.jpg wpid-IMG952838.jpg wpid-IMG952859.jpga wpid-IMG952860.jpg

Best feeling in the world, only 9 more miles!! πŸ™‚ Day 54: Our first day off in awhile!! We said our goodbyes to Jamie and Jeremy πŸ™ then went off to an amazing Indian Buffet in the big city of Fargo. We relaxed and hung around town for the rest of the day. Day 55: Fargo, ND to Callaway, MN. 50.7 miles. We made it to Minnesota!!! πŸ™‚


We missed getting into the bingo game by 5 minutes!! πŸ™ Casey thinks I am going to be one of the infamous old bingo ladies when I get old now…haha. We found a place at the end of town to camp and make food. About 15 minutes after we were setting up camp, two police officers came up and said they got a call that we were smoking marijuana…haha oh jeez. They searched all of our stuff and left bitter. Our first in awhile encounter with the cops since Washington, we sure did miss seeing them! πŸ˜› Day 56: Callaway to Walker, MN. 77 miles. After that 132 mile day, 50 miles really is easy, even our 77 miles wasn’t hard, not even sore anymore! We camped near the bike trail which also was next to Cyphers Lake πŸ™‚


Day 57-59: We said goodbye to our other friend Coleman, so now it is just the two of us again. Off towards Duluth and the Great Lakes πŸ™‚ Stopped in the casino to sign up for the player’s club and spent the free money that they gave us to play with. We ended up staying at a hotel as a halfway celebration for a couple days. It was great!


Day 60: Walker to Remer, MN. 30 miles. Stopped for some super nachos (one of our favorite meals now) and there just happened to be a free entry poker tournament. It was mostly older men, they all knew each other and were hilarious!! I was the first one out, but we all have to start somewhere right? πŸ™‚ we ended up camping near an apartment complex and children bombarded us with questions. They were so cute!


Day 61: Remer to Duluth, MN. 95 miles. Really nice couple let us stay with them πŸ™‚


Day 62: Duluth, MN to Iron River, WI. ~50 miles. Sketchy camping spot. Crazy bug woke us up in the middle of the night.


View from the couple, Kevin and Steph’s place that we stayed with in Duluth.


I saw a draw bridge in action!


And we made it to Wisconsin!! πŸ™‚


Day 63: Iron River, WI to Marenisco, MI. 95 miles.


Sunrise near our sketchy camp spot.


Lake Superior πŸ™‚


A very orange-brown river.


And we made it to Michigan!! πŸ™‚