So bear with me, this is my first blog post on my phone so if the format is off or weird I apologize. We are on day 50, day 45 of riding, 1882 miles done, and 2318 more to go. Here is a brief summary of our last 11 days. We got stuck in another thunder storm in Glendive, MT and went to a movie called Turbo that was all about snails 🙂 the storm finally passed at about 11pm and we camped at a local park in town.

wpid-IMG_20130724_174851_202.jpg wpid-IMG_20130724_174712_777.jpg wpid-IMG_20130724_174604_525.jpg wpid-IMG_20130724_175432_059.jpg

We went to the State Park in Glendive before we left the next morning called Makoshika. It was awesome!!! Lots of plant fossils and beautiful scenery with rock formations dating back 68 million years ago.

wpid-IMG_20130724_174851_202.jpg wpid-IMG_20130724_174712_777.jpg wpid-IMG_20130724_174604_525.jpg wpid-IMG_20130724_173931_077.jpg wpid-IMG_20130724_173635_595.jpg Day 50 Day 50a Day 50b Day 50c

Then off we went, 38 more miles of Montana and then North Dakota!! 🙂 We stopped 8 miles from the border in Wibaux, MT to say goodbye and depart from our new biker friend Sara. She is 19 years old and doing the trip on her own, got lucky and found the couple we are with Jamie and Jeremy on Day 2 of her trip but then we split because she was going down to Nebraska to visit some friends. We went to the gas station and got some snacks and we were talking to a guy in line and then he offered to buy us all the food we had in our hands. So nice!! We said our goodbyes and off we went to North Dakota. Another cycler caught up with us right before the border. We (Jamie and I) did a little dance and song on the border and of course took pictures (my phone was dead, stay tuned for the picture and the video of us singing). We camped in a town called Medora, ND that held the Theodore National Park which was really pretty as well. Anyways it was the first campsite that we paid for so far! :O Then we went on our way to Taylor, ND. Before we got there we took a lunch break in Dickinson where we had the BEST Chinese buffet for only $8.99. It was great! I had about 4 plates of food. We then left back into the horrible head wind and we decided to stop in Taylor, especially when we heard there was the 20th annual Horse Festival the next morning and a nice park to camp at for free. So we set up camp and hung out. We woke up early and got everything packed up and went to the Horse Festival at 10am. There used to be 100 entries and this one had about 20 maybe 15 entries. We had some red hot dogs and some great pie. Then we were on our way to the next town. About 7-8 miles we got into the next town Richardton where we stopped to pee at a butcher shop but then Jamie and I were interested in his business and what he did so we learned all about it and the guys were getting antsy and we had to leave to keep on trekking. We then were in another head wind but the cows that stop and watch us bike past them are so cute!!!

Day 50d

We then ended up stopping in a small town called New Salem, ND. We decided to camp in the trees behind a baseball field and set up camp. We also lost an hour of time because we changed time zones. We are now in the Central time zone 🙂 woo! Then we woke up early to beat the wind to get to Bismarck, about a 40 mile day, a half day for us, so we went into town, got lunch, did some much needed laundry and got some food and other items that we needed as well. Casey and I broke off to play some bingo and met up with the others at camp which is next to the Missouri River. So pretty 🙂

Day 50e