October of this year was a busy month, as you might see our next run to Elbe Hills here too. This run was to be a simply trip traversing the Naches Trail from west to east, then we also got some time to play at Funny Rocks.

It was also a time to look at my tire situation, I had been running my 40″ Pro Comp MT2s, but being only C rated I feared my sidewalls constantly. It proved a valid fear as I lost a sidewall (now my second) in the beginning of the trail to a twig hanging out of a root ball/stump. Now I was in no position to buy new shoes the thought was becoming more and more vital. During the tire swap I learned my winch brake on my 8274 had failed too. Needless to say this was an expensive trip, although the complete repairs would come much later. Enjoy the pics and check out RattleSnake 4x4s!