So instead of vacationing with family in Yellowstone National Park, Mandi & I decided we would help our friends in Aransas Pass TX with recovery after Hurricane Harvey destroyed their little slice of paradise. The logistics and expense would be brutal at best and was well beyond our means, but we committed to being part of a team of friends and family members totaling about a dozen of us.

I remembered seeing a few fundraisers using GoFundMe, and started a campaign hoping to raise $5000. And friends, family, and complete strangers gave generously (a gracious thank you to all who donated!) to the cause of us getting 2100 plus miles, to lend a hand. We’re still seeking more donations go here if you can help…

The trip down was difficult, as I drove solo and Mandi flew into Corpus Cristi. Along the way I had the opportunity to help out a couple of other RVer’s avoid catastrophies. One had an open compartment with the door very hanging down within 6 inches of the highway, I was able to run the lady down and got her to pull over and close the compartment. It turns out it was a Blue Dog unit going to a show in Oregon, she was thankful and it saved the dealer damage. The next couple wasn’t as lucky, I saw them coming south on I-15 onto I-84 east bound at Tremonton, UT. They were towing a Chevy SSR behind a beautiful diesel pusher, unfortunately both front tires were blown and disintegrated, grinding their wheels down to the hubs and allowing the frame to skid on the pavement. It took me 20 miles to get in front of them, and get them pulled over as parts were flying off that car like schrapnel in all directions. As they got out of their rv I told them they’d blown tires and they needed to take a look. I believe their day ended with a tow truck, and a totaled pull vehicle, as I continued on southbound.

Having left late Thursday evening, my first night on the road I stopped in Mt Home ID, Friday night I stopped in Cortez CO, and Saturday I just kept driving through the night, taking a 2 hour nap in a rest stop an hour north of San Antonio TX, before finishing the trip into Aransas Pass TX, I arrived around 1:30 pm and set up camp at our friends house before getting Mandi at the airport just before 5 pm.

Needless to say, I missed most of the Texas countryside, driving through the night but the heat and humidity let me know I was in the south… On the drive into town, a lot of the damage was incredible. Unfortunately, these folks have no news coverage sharing their hardships, pretty much every property in and around our friends place has been damaged, some beyond repair. Tomorrow we start helping with clean-up, first our friends and then their folks’ place.