Wow, what a blast, we started out about 10ish on Sunday, 2/26/12 at the Benton City Conoco, aired down and had about 10 rigs show-up. After a short drive under the freeway we started into the dirt trails. 20 minutes later we’re crawling canyons with the gang! It was a lot of fun, I learned some new skills and a little about how well designed Jeeps like mine are. For instance who knew a stock JK 4 door could follow jacked up 2 doors Jeeps through tight canyons? I felt it could be done, and to my surprise it can, although had we been lifted a few more inches the outcome would have been a little more harmonious in the end. Well, the lifts will happen soon enough, assuming the IRS actually deposits the refund into the account someday soon. We headed home about 3 pretty tired but, an awesome day was had by all!