It’s that time of year again, we had our annual Christmas tree run up in Tollgate, OR. Nobody ever gets a tree, but it’s a great excuse to hit some fresh white powder before the trails close Dec. 1st to motorized vehicles, until next April.

We gathered up at a friend of the club’s cabin (Thanks Brandon) and aired down and set out with plans to change our route from past runs.

We started out from the cabin to Skyline road, and followed it up to the warming cabin, taking the scenic route, finding it difficult to plow much past the Snotel (warming cabin), with a couple of break downs along the way.

Our origin plan was to drop into Tiger Valley then down to Walla Walla, but as it took us 4 hours to get that far we called an audible and decided we had better head back out, taking the Jubilee lake road for some different scenary. We all made it out before dark and aired up and parted ways from the intersection of Hwy 11 & Skyline. The weather was perfect the powder was fresh and everybody made it out!

The images below will link to facebook albums, and below that check out a video of our day…


2022 Tollgate Christmas Tree Run

Thanks Brandon!

2022 Tollgate Christmas Tree Run

Thanks Norm!

Video From The Run

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