Moab EJS

Every year about Easter an event calls to Jeepers the world over to be a part of that event in The Easter Jeep Safari. We had the privilege to attend this year, March 19-25th and take part in the 50th Annual Moab, EJS. Some of you may know we recently started a new 4×4 club called RattleSnake 4x4s and as luck would have it 5 of the 7 rigs that we ran down were member rigs. Additionally, some had been down the prior year and had some of the trails identified for our initiation.

All in all we had a fabulous time, spent a ton of money, and got a number of chances to brush up on our trail fix experience, as we broke a bunch of seemingly small but important drivability items. Here’s some video clips to give you an idea of what we got up to…







Where Do We Go From Here?


These days I am concerned, to say the least, at the direction our country is being led. Many people believe they know me, having grown up with me, or worked with me, etc. I like to think I have friends on both sides of the political aisle, although many have or may be thinking of muting, or un-following me. It’s your choice, that I served to defend.

Some may believe I’m a loose cannon, others that I don’t get it, some call me an alarmist, and even some family members think I’m just a pissed off redneck, again, I served our once great country to defend your right to your opinions and choices. I see myself as a conservative, with redneck tendencies.

What you may not know about me from the age of 12 I have dealt with crises everyday. Be it as the oldest sibling in a divided home, serving my community as a volunteer firefighter my senior year of high school, to serving in the United States Air Force for 11 years, to now serving the Richland and surrounding communities as a professional firefighter for more than 22 years. In that I believe I’m pretty adept at recognizing issues that can lead to catastrophic consequences, and very good at dealing with those consequences once realized.

Do I have all the answers? Absolutely not! But my hope is that those still reading or following will share this over and over and that people will start to make better choices for our nation that we might be great once again.

War is coming!

In my 11 years of service, I served under Presidents Reagan, Bush, with President Clinton coming into office and a third reduction in forces I left the service to pursue my firefighting career, once again serving my community. In the years since my service we’ve had 3 more Presidents (Clinton), Bush, and Obama. The finest of all these men was Ronald Reagan in my humble opinion, as he led America with his heart and his head, and knew and maintained the importance and strength  of our global reputation.

Imagine how frustrating it is for folks like me to have served and watch as our country is diminished to a group of politically correct, let’s not offend, or allow a perception of offense in any way, group of followers. Following whom I believe to be the worst American leader in my lifetime, under his watch our basic values have been watered down to acceptance of everything especially if it goes against the Christian values our country was founded upon. Have you checked our national debt lately? The current administration has outspent the former administrations by more than two-fold, ensuring debt for the next 3 generations.

Equally frustrating is those of you, including family who choose to associate/vote liberal. Primarily because of the current and largest crises of our lifetimes, allowing these “Muslim Refugees” (who by all accounts seem to be men of fighting age, rather than women and children) free passage to the US, is a threat to our national security, as we can in no way vet them and insure no jihadis jump on the bus into the heart of America. We are bringing thousands more men of fighting age to the Muslims of America.


More shocking in being “humanitarian,” and supposedly doing what’s right, liberals are going against the very principles they hold dear. For instance, women’s rights, LGBT equality, freedom of religion, etc. The islamic muslim believes all of these to be heretical, and are called to eradicate ALL who do not follow their god Allah’s teaching through their prophet Mohammed, and the various imams, radicalized or not, it is still the basis of their belief.

Please don’t misunderstand, I have many friends and family who don’t share my conservative values, I believe that a moderation between right and left is vital to our country. However, I know that following this path of accepting all, and not offending anyone is destroying the very basis of who we are as Americans. Should we the people elect another President into office that refuses to uphold our basic values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? America as we know it will cease to be the home of the free.

Allowing our values to continue to be denigrated will bring terror as witnessed abroad and most recently to our shores in the San Bernardino attack. Our enemies have been attempting to infiltrate America for a mere 239 years, since this nation was formed on the basic Christian tenets, to get a stronghold from which to destroy a country once thought of as a strong nation.

Our current leadership has not only allowed them access, but put into place a belief that we should welcome our enemy with open arms, or face prosecution for hate crimes, etc. This leadership has created such a division in our country that helps those against us, not only gain a foothold, but also to leverage the frustrations of every socio, political, and economic group among us to fight each other, disrupting our nation in such a way that we will become defenseless against any invasion. The enemy is among us, they are getting a free ride on the islamic refugee buses pouring into communities around you. Skirmishes and/or war will happen here in America, continuance down this path will destroy this once great country.

San Bernardino, will be pale in comparison for what is to come. We must elect strong leaders who will serve the people as opposed to themselves and stop giving our country away piece by piece. Ask yourself some questions, who is paying for this lunacy? You and I are paying for it in our taxes. Do you actually believe that these refugees are coming with their own monies? No, we are providing EVERYTHING they need even going as far as giving them homes, licenses, money to live on until they can support themselves. Don’t be fooled by this “humanitarian” gesture, it will cost us everything in the end.

For my friends that profess the rights of women, minorities, LGBT, etc. our islamic muslim “friends” don’t and would just as soon take that away under sharia law. Islam is often touted as a religion of peace, yet where most Christians believe judgement should be left to God, islamic muslims are less flexible regarding judgement.

I ask that you choose our leaders wisely. We can no longer just follow, each of us must do our own research and vote not just whats best for you, your job, your church, etc. but what is best for our nation’s future. If we fail to stop the erosion of our values America will soon be little more than an extension of the countries we currently “donate” billions of dollars to every year. Hardly the American dream.

America first should be our resolve. Check out these videos from 2010, & 2013, they spell it out for those who might deny this is happening here in America…

It’s time to take our country back, plan to defend yourselves, because another democratic leader will effectively debilitate our military, leaving your defense on us… Please feel free to share.

It’s Just Tahuya!

This weekend we were invited by none other than our number one parts supplier Northridge 4×4 to Silverdale WA for an open house. They asked us and some others to come show off our rigs,  meet some friends and do a little wheeling in the Tahuya National Forest. How could we say no?

So Friday after work we loaded up our 3 rigs and drove over the Cascades to the town of Buckley for the evening before continuing our way in to Silverdale and then on to Tahuya. The saying “It’s Just Tahuya!” is a joke amongst locals, as it’s a fairly simple off road recreation area, yet it has claimed many of parts over the years, hence the saying.

Saturday morning we picked up an additional Jeep, before running out to Northridge’s shop. The weather was perfect (Typical Seattle Liquid Sunshine/Flood Warnings). After eyeballing all the things we didn’t yet have on or in our rigs we headed to Tahuya for a couple hours playing in the Rain/Mud. Lucky for us we saw some minor mechanical difficulties, but no breakage of anything major. We were able to quickly repair a torn driveshaft boot on one rig and reconnect the Transfer Case shifter on mine.

Then we drove back to Silverdale for dinner at Hop Jacks, before driving the 5 hours home to snuggle into our own beds. Great time, awesome people. If your weekends seem to lack this kind of fun buy a Jeep, it will change your life, guaranteed! Here’s what we caught on film to share…


And here are a few more pics at the Northridge 4×4 shop…

IMG_0399 IMG_0400 IMG_0401 IMG_0403 IMG_0405 IMG_0407

Rubicon Revisited

It’s been 16 months since we ran down to California’s beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains to run the infamous Rubicon Trail. We really had the time of our lives on the 2 day trek. We recently found the time to revisit our video and images of the trip and compiled a playlist of 11 videos to share with you. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them, and please chime in on which one you liked most. We love feedback!


Rimrock 15′

Well this started out as a few friendly invites on Facebook, that blossomed into nearly eighty invitees. In the end there were only six rigs to show up.


The preliminary trail line up for the weekend.
Saturday 7/25/15
We’ll take the 1000 rd to Butcher Knife or 642 to Divide Ridge 615, to Donniker Pass 636 to Blue Lake for lunch. After lunch, we’ll continue on the 636 to Short & Dirty 637, then hit Spruce Creek 677/A back to the 1010 rd to the Y and head up Buckhorn Gap 651/A to pick-up Cryin’ Frank’s Hill, finishing up on the infamous Leaning Tree 641 back out to 651, down to the 1012 & 1010, and back to camp…

Okay, that’s incredibly ambitious! So after getting to Blue Lake at 13:00, we decided to make a crazy change skipping 677/A, Buckhorn, & Leaning Tree. Taking a “new” trail 639 off the ridge. Unbeknownst to us this is a down ONLY trail, STRAIGHT DOWN!

But Mandi was at the wheel and got us down safely, we Arrived back at camp around 19:00.


Sunday 7/26/15
Roll out time 08:30. We took Pickle Prairie 609, then moved over to Louie Way/Gap 608, and Ed was willing to show us some “unlabeled” trails, that he knew in the area, tying back into Pickle Prairie Loop 609A. Sunday’s trails were a touch easier than Saturday’s, but still very challenging at times. We Made it back to camp by 15:00 to allow most of us to get home before dark…